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Total Tec Solutions builds Motorcycle LED strip kits

Total Tec Solutions, from St Charles and St Louis, enters Motorcycle lighting


TTS (Press Release) - Nov 20, 2013 - Total Tec Solutions,, has just announced plans to start assembling for purchase all inclusive Motorcycle LED advanced lighting strip kits. The new startup has a site at and is ready for business. The Total Tec Solutions Motorcycle LED strip kits are 16 foot long and include everything to light up your motorcycle. No wiring or splicing. Just attach to your battery, thread around your bike and turn it on. Motorcycle LED kits from Total Tec Solutions. ................Check out the site

Total Tec Solutions enters Outsourcing arena

Total Tec Solutions, from St Charles and St Louis, enters Missouri Technical Outsourcing Arena


PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 12, 2012 - Total Tec Solutions,, has just released plans for a new company direction, which includes entering the Technology Outsourcing arena. Total Tec Solutions, most notibly known for 24x7 technical support in and around St Charles and St Louis, is now offering a FULL Technology Outsource package for all their clients, from its Small Business members to their Corporate contracts. The new service will expand on Total Tec Solutions current offerings of technical support, software support, hardware support, network support, phone support, cisco support, application support, server support, computer support and 24 hour support.  more

Total Tec Solutions Partners with Empirical Data LLC

St Charles based Technical Support Services Provider, Total Tec Solutions, Partners with Missouri based Empirical Data LLC


PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 05, 2012 - Total Tec Solutions (  is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Missouri based Empirical Data LLC.

Total Tec Solutions, a lead technical support services provider based out of St Charles / St Louis, and Missouri based Empirical Data LLC have partnered in what a representative of Total Tec Solutions says is just natural progression: "The partnering of the two businesses was just natural progression for Total Tec Solutions in providing a Total Technical Solution package to our clients."  more

Total Tec Solutions adds new Application Support

Total Tec Solutions adds SQL support services to its list of current offerings.


PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 02, 2012 - Total Tec Solutions (  has enhanced its support offerings by adding SQL support to its repertoire of available support services..

A more detailed description of the new SQL support service included support for: SQL Clustering (Active/Passive - Active/Active - Mirrored), Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services, Database Services, Reporting Services in Sharepoint mode (SQL 2008 R2/2012 only), PowerPivot for sharepoint (SQL 2012 only), Database partitioning, remote blob storage (RBS), backups, monitoring, maintenence, administration, design and  more

Total Tec Solutions adds 24 hour support

Total Tec Solutions now provides 24 hour, 7 day, 52 week a year technical support.


PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 29, 2012 - Total Tec Solutions has added 24 hour technical support to their list of services they now provide to their Saint Louis and Saint Charles clients.

Total Tec Solutions decided, as part of their new management stategy, to expand their operations into providing a Total Technical Solutions service that operates around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, just as the technology they support operates.

Total Tec Solutions 24 hour technical support will be available for server support, off hours monitoring, helpdesk support, application support, computer support, network support, security support, VOIP support, phone support, change controls and project  more

Total Tec Solution expands into St Louis

Total Tec Solution expands into St Louis from St Charles Missouri.


PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 28, 2012 - Total Tec Solutions support is a Total Technology Provider (TTP).

Total Tec Solutions is now servicing St Charles/St Louis and all surrounding areas. Total Tec Solutions is a technical support company based out of Saint Charles city Missouri.

During the last couple of months, Total Tec Solutions has been expanding its operations to help support clients in surrounding areas. Through a concise management direction, the growth of Total Tec Solutions has allowed it to expand its operations and add 24x7x365 support for all its supported technologies.

Their new website at more


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