At Total Tec Solutions, Outsourcing is one of our primary functions for multiple St Louis and St Charles companies.

We staff your business with our employees. Take the headache away from trying to find the perfect match for your support needs. Let us do that for you. Gain access to some of St Louis's best technical support personal by partnering with Total Tec Solutions.

Whether you need 24x7 oncall, instant emergency service, 10 hours a week of support or 400 man hours a week, Total Tec Solutions can provide the service you need.

Stop the issues of being "between techs", "hired the wrong person", "staff do not like our tech", "tech doesnt seem to be that good", "tech spends alot of money having to pay for expensive professional services",  "need 10 hours of support but had to hire a 40 hour a week tech so we have availability".

Start the resolutions of being "Always staffed", "24x7 emergency availability", "Single source for all Technical issues", "No more hiring the wrong person", "Staffed only the hours you need".

Total Tec Solutions specializes in providing outsourced technical support staff. Get a quote today!

Call, email or use the contact us form today to get TOTAL Outsourcing Support Coverage24x7x365 Technical Support.


From Server hardware to Server software, Total Tec Solutions has you covered. Total Tec Solutions support, your support experts.
Total Tec Solutions Technical Support


From LAN's to WAN's to VPN's, Total Tec Solutions support can help you implement manage or troubleshoot your network.

Total Tec Solutions Technical Support Networks

Phone Systems

Need to implement an IP telephony system? Need help managing or troubleshooting issues related to your existing systems?.

Total Tec Solutions Technical Support Phone Systems

Web Design

Total Tec Solutions Web Design

Visually Stunning Designs.

Professional Web Designers ready now to design your perfect Web page, Portal or Cloud application.

Contact one of our professional web developers now to get an estimate on time and cost for your project/s.

Latest Updates

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 is now available. Check it out Here. Also check out the edition definitions HERE..

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server and Cloud platform. Server 2012 is now available. Check it out HERE.  Don't forget to check out their new licensing model HERE.